The ISEE vs. The HSPT Admissions Tests

Even in middle school, a student’s time might not wholly be one’s own. Preparing for two exams could hinder the student’s schoolwork and extracurricular activities. The question then boils down [...]

An Academic Timeline from PreK to College

For first time parents, the unknowns about academic deadlines can be stress inducing. In this section, we aim to alleviate some of that stress by alerting you to [...]

How to Choose a New School

Systematically evaluating and comparing the many school options in Houston is a daunting task, especially when each child and family emphasizes different criteria. In this section, we introduce [...]

All About the Houston Magnet School Lottery

From a parent’s perspective, the HISD magnet application process can be quite daunting, and even a little scary. However you can navigate the process with ease if you know what [...]

High School Placement Test (HSPT) Overview

Scholastic Testing Service’s HSPT is an admissions test for entry into Catholic high schools. The HSPT contains five multiple-choice sections: Verbal Quantitative Skills Reading Mathematics Language Skills Depending on the [...]

Private School Application Process Overview

In this article, we provide advice for starting the private school application process. In general, start the process early, keep your child’s happiness in mind, and talk with as many people [...]

Lessons Learned from Experienced Parents

General Academic interviewed the parents of both private and public school students to more completely understand the applications gauntlet from those who had already been through the process. [...]

Introduction to Homeschooling

Not every child will be successful or happy in a traditional classroom environment. For these students, alternative education curriculums such as Montessori, individualized, and home schooling may be [...]

Choosing a Preschool, What to Consider

Some of you have only recently embarked upon the interesting adventure that is parenthood. Others among you already have children in the school system, but still have younger [...]

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