Robert M. Beren Academy

Robert M. Beren Academy (RMBA) was founded in 1969. It is located near the Willow Meadows and Willowbend neighborhoods. The school, previously named The South Texas Hebrew Academy, offers an integrated Orthodox Jewish and college preparatory education in an atmosphere of excellence.

School TypeReligious, Co-EdGrades ServedPreK-12
Religious AffiliationJewishEnrollment242
UniformsDress Code   Grade 1220
Date Founded1969   Grade 1116
EndowmentN/A   Grade 1011
Student / Teacher Ratio7.9   Grade 9 22
Minority Enrollment5%   Grade 813
Head of SchoolDr. Paul S. Oberman   Grade 718
Admissions DirectorLoren Chorn   Grade 614
Website   Grade 521
Phone713-723-7170   Grade 418
   Grade 320
   Grade 225
   Grade 125
Academic TracksAP, HonorsSports Programs4
AP or IB Courses11Sports LeagueTexas Association of Private and Parochial Schools
LanguagesHebrew, Spanish
First Bell8:00 am
Last Bell3:15 pm
Grade 12 Enrollment20AP / IB ParticipationN/A
National Merit SemifinalistsN/AIB Diploma 5 Year Average ScoreN/A
SAT Middle 50%N/A
ACT Middle 50%N/A
Prime Entry PointsPreK, 1, 6, 9Tuition 9-12$24,923
Tuition 6-8$21,565
Tuition 1-5$19,317
Tuition Kindergarten$16,774
Tuition PreK$13,735
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Robert M. Beren Academy in Detail

Robert M. Beren Academy (RMBA) is the only Jewish day school in Houston to serve students from preschool to 12th grade. It was originally founded in 1969 as The South Texas Hebrew Academy at the corner of South Braeswood and Chimney Rock. In 1998, the school’s name was changed to Robert M. Beren Academy in recognition of a gift by the Israel Henry Beren Foundation.

The Mission of Robert M. Beren Academy is to provide:

  • An integrated Orthodox Jewish and college preparatory education in an atmosphere of excellence
  • A commitment to Torah and its ethical and moral precepts and to the Jewish people
  • The development of a spiritual bond with the Land and State of Israel
  • The dedication to our American heritage and achievement in contemporary society

RMBA is a private Modern Orthodox Jewish school which serves Jewish families of all affiliations. It is philosophically affiliated with the Yeshiva University. The curriculum incorporates Judaic studies within a comprehensive college preparatory program. Robert M. Beren Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, color, sex, age or disability.

In 1999, RMBA built a state-of-the-art, 54,000-square-foot facility on a new 52-acre campus at the southern terminus of Cliffwood Drive. The campus includes a 10,000-square-foot library, multiple laboratories, a gymnasium, an art room, and athletic fields.  In 2017, RMBA added a new building to accommodate additional early childhood classrooms, as the program, now renamed the Marion and Norman Rosenman Early Childhood Center and Program, nearly doubled in size.

In 2018, RMBA unveiled the Dr. Robert A. Behar Sports and Recreation Complex, which includes a new playground, an amphitheater, and a covered outdoor basketball court.

Prospective families must complete an online application, which Robert M. Beren Academy accepts throughout the school year. A non-refundable fee of $100 must be submitted with each application.

Additional requirements include:

  • Medical forms
  • Teacher recommendation forms
  • Records release forms
  • Transcripts
  • Standardized test scores
  • Any other personal or academic evaluations.

Almost any test is acceptable, including ERBs, the ISEE, and the SAT. Prospective students must visit the school for a meeting, testing, and observation. Parents must also meet with the school administrators.

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In grades 1-5, students may choose to participate in the traditional educational track or the Montessori track. The middle school follows a traditional curriculum and mode of instruction, but enrichment is offered through the Nature’s Classroom curriculum at Camp Young Judaea Texas and biannual trips to San Antonio.

Students in grades 9-12 will follow either the standard track or the AP track. RMBA’s dual curriculum of Judaic studies (Bible, Talmud, Jewish philosophy, and Jewish law) and college preparatory subjects (English, math, science and social studies) also includes special courses such as art, physical education, and journalism.

A student must earn 33 total credits and complete 25 hours of community service annually to graduate. The distribution requirements are as follows: English (4), math (3), science (3), social studies (4), foreign language (3), physical education (1), electives (3), and Judaic studies (12). Two semesters are equal to one credit.

The school employs two counselors who provide regular assistance to students with diagnosed learning differences.

Students must complete up to College Level Hebrew to fulfill their foreign language requirement. Spanish is also offered as an elective in the high school.

Students attending RMBA are required to complete one course in the fine arts. Art, AP Art, and an after-school drama club are all offered for transcript credit. Children are encouraged to express themselves artistically through art and music. Early childhood curriculum is designed around daily art activities that encompass exploratory and sensory arts. Music is also a vital component in the school’s daily program.

RMBA has open Wi-Fi throughout the building, Smartboards in multiple classrooms, and a computer lab with 22 Windows based workstations. iPads are available at a 4:1 student to tablet ratio. Teachers interact with students and parents via Renweb, an online educational tool where teachers may post assignments and grades and send emails to parents.

RMBA hosts a number of extracurricular programs throughout the school year. Students may join Drama, Model UN, SAGE, MAD, Stand With Us, or other student-facilitated clubs. In fall 2013, RMBA participated in the ADL Step Up Anti-Bullying Program and the nationwide Girls on the Run and Girls on Track programs.

During the summer, students from 18 months to sixth grade may attend Camp Moshava Houston, which is broken up into Machaneh Aleph (8 months-Kindergarten) and Machaneh Beta (grades 1-6). The camp takes place on the campus of RMBA.

RMBA features four sports programs at both the middle and high school levels: girls and boys basketball, boys-intramural flag football, girls and boys tennis, and girls-volleyball.

RMBA encourages an active parent body. While most parent-centered activities are geared toward family-centric holiday celebrations, the PTO also plays a crucial role in fundraising and volunteer coordination for multiple school events.

Q&A With the Robert M. Beren Academy

Ask your questions about the Robert M. Beren Academy here.

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