Anisha asked 1 year ago

does the school accept students out of district? My son goes to cincinnati school got creative and performing arts right now. I am moving to Houston next year. Can he apply to the school? 
Thanks, Anisha 

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Shelby Joe Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Anisha, by what date do you plan to finish your relocation to Houston?
For your son to enroll in HSPVA for the 2020-2021 school year, you will have to prevail in Phase I of the HISD school choice lottery and later prove residency. The dates are not yet finalized, but will likely be 1) Submit application by 1st week in December 2019 2) Complete audition requirements by January 2020 3) Prove residency by late April 2020.
If your son is admitted but you have not completed your move by April 2020, you may be able to get a residency waiver extension if you can prove that you actually will relocate by the start of school (likely third week of August 2020). In general HSPVA’s requirements are a little more unique/ flexible, because of the “talent portion” of the application process.
You can read more at HSPVA’s website:
I hope that helps!