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Cody asked 1 year ago

I received an offer to a school in phase 1, but have been notified that two transfer schools on my list won’t conduct their lotteries until phase 2. Does anyone know if I accept the placement at the offered school will I still be eligible for the phase 2 lottery?

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Shelby Joe Staff answered 9 months ago

Typically you rank the schools you apply to in order of preference. If you accept an offer from a school that is lower in your ranking, then you will still be on the waiting list for schools that you ranked higher.
Let’s say you apply to and get into three schools:
1. School A
2. School B
3. School C
If you accepted an offer from School C, you would remain on the waiting list for School A and School B. However, if you accept an offer from School A, you will no longer be eligible to later accept an offer from School B or School C.
However, there’s a lot less clarity right now during the pandemic.